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Dickson Round Action

During the latter part of the 19th century gunmakers were still developing what we have come to know as the modern shotgun. Many patents were taken out for variations to lock and ejector mechanisms but few actually altered physically the external appearance of the gun. The Edinburgh craftsmen could see the potential in producing a shotgun which would bridge the gap between boxlock and sidelock actions thus evolved the "Round Action" which is a descendant of the old MacNaughton trigger plate action with the locks actually sitting centrally behind the body of the action.

Original patents were obtained in 1880 and related to the unique bar cocking system, operated by the fall of the barrels on opening. In 1887 final patents were granted relating to the ejector mechanism which is operated by strong coil springs on plungers which are cocked on closing the barrels. So began an era in gunmaking producing a shotgun unsurpassed in quality, reliability, elegance and strength.

When we began production of the present series of Round Actions, we considered whether we might improve on the original mechanism bur decided that there was no benefit to be gained from changing anything from the original design.

The Dickson Round Action is available in 12, 16 & 20 gauge.

MacNaughton Bar In Wood

In 1879 the patent for the 'Edinburgh Gun' was granted, this early gun was cocked by the top lever but with a trigger plate action similar to the Dickson, but with a unusual pivoting safety. By 1894 cocking advanced to slide cocking on the drop of the barrels. The MacNaughton shotgun was made in both Solid Bar and Bar In Wood, often called a skeletal action. This is a treasure of the gunmakers art combing strength with elegance and grace.

When we began production of the present series we decided to make only 'The Bar In Wood', on considering what improvements if any could be made we opted to keep the pivoting safety but to change the ejector system to a Southgate. This being the only improvement we could make to the original design that has withstood the test of time.

The MacNaughton 'Bar In Wood' is available in 12, 16 , 20 & 28 Gauge.

Thomas Mortimer

Renowned for the quality of his guns Thomas Mortimer has built shotguns on the Anson & Deeley system since the turn of the century. When we decided to commence production of our current series we stayed with the same system but changed dramatically the outward appearance. Now these fast handling graceful guns so closely resemble our Dickson 'Round Action' that only on close examination can they be told apart.

This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a hand made high specification shotgun at around half the cost of a Dickson or MacNaughton.

The Thomas Mortimer Boxlock 'Round Body' is Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 & .410 Gauges.

Alex Henry

We have now built a beautiful lightweight shotgun in all bore sizes in the tradition of the famous Alex Henry make.

The scroll backed Anson & Deeley action is complimented by fine wood and Celtic engraving.

The first of these are now available, this exceptional value gun can also be made in pairs

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