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Side by Sides
Over & Unders

Over & Unders


Dickson & MacNaughton is currently working on a prototype over and under gun using the Dickson trigger plate action.

Our aim is to produce a fine lightweight, fast handling shotgun true to the 'Round Action' ideals in looks, feel & pedigree.

Watch this space in 2007.

Alex Martin

The Gardone region of Italy has excelled in the making of fine arms for more than 500 years.

Wifra Armi, a small firm of master gunmakers, headed by Franco Poli and William Solari, carry on the tradition today.

In 1998 we embarked on a venture with these dedicated craftsmen and another distinguished Italian workshop: Cesare Giovanelli's 'Bottega Incisioni', a team of master engravers.

The result is the Alex Martin Continental: an over and under best trigger plate action shotgun that's a joy to handle and a delight on the eye.

This superb gun can be made in pairs and we are able to offer a range of superbly crafted engravings.

The Devon

Built by Paoli Zoli to our specification,
on a fine trigger plate action for the serious clay & live pigeon shooter.

This beautifully crafted gun throws patterns second to none with 29" or 32" barrels and is further enhanced by stunning engraving from the studio of Cesare Giovanelli.

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