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Rachel Allenby takes pride in her line of English Springer Spaniels, her kennels and her training program with good reason. She has dedicated her life to improving her own unique line - for the purpose of creating a truly dynamic hunter and companion.

Her dogs possess an unbelievable drive to hunt game, yet are amazingly biddable and have outstanding looks. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to own and hunt with 'proper' English Springer Spaniels that trace their lineage to Scotland, but thrive in the diverse hunting fields of Texas.

I have witnessed top notch performance by these flushing dogs in New Mexico and West Texas on Blue Quail and the ability to heal while hunting Bobwhite Quail and with the simple phrase 'dead bird' explode as if shot out of a cannon and upon catching the faintest scent, they turn into a Hoover vacuum until they find their bird. A true joy to watch! These English Springer Spaniels are equally at home in the woods flushing grouse and woodcock and on the plains of Kansas or the Dakotas in pursuit of running pheasants. I have used mine to retrieve ducks too, and assure you that they are at home in the water as well as the brush.

Allenby's 'Waterybutts' line are bred to have split personalities, because at home they are calm and well behaved. They play with my three young children and are always courteous and conscious not to jump on or knock down any kids. I ordered mine with an on / off switch.

Allenby Gunroom and Kennels offer pups, started or finished dogs that will have several common traits - good looks, good manners and good genetics. These dogs will be ready to hunt and retrieve game as youngsters, and like a fine wine, they become better with age.

Obviously, I think very highly of the 'Waterybutts' line of English Springer Spaniels, and their breeder, Rachel Allenby.

Jim Cone
   Director & Executive Vice President
   Horizon Bank. Austin.

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