Rachel Allenby Owner-Trainer
4150 N. Hwy 183, Liberty Hill, TX 78642
Phone: 512-515-5567    Mobile: 512-466-0186   


At the Allenby Kennels there is a new purpose built, ten run kennel which opens out on two separate 85ft square exercise yards. Due to the number of kennels, I am limited to the number of dogs that I can house at one time. All kenneled dogs run in the exercise yards, freely, for about 4 hours every day. The dogs are fed on Purina HiPro. If you wish for your dog to stay on your own feed, please bring it with you.

The charges, to be paid in advance, are $25.00 per day per dog.

If you should wish for your dog to live in my house with my house dogs, the charge is $30.00 per day per dog.

I now have a superb fully insulated facility called "The Palace". It is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. There are 5 individual 5ft x 5ft kennels inside The Palace and each kennel has its own opening to the outside into an individual 24ft square exercise yard. The charges for "Palace" boarding are $30.00 per dog per day. If you have 2 dogs sharing the same kennel the price is $25 per day per dog.

All visiting dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, including kennel cough, and if during their stay a heartworm preventative pill or flea control medication falls due please bring the necessary supply with you when you deliver your dog.

If for some unforeseen reason your dog requires veterinary attention, your advice will be sought and respected and taken care of at your expense. My vet is just 15 minutes drive away.


I also provide the facilities for taking care of your female when she has puppies.

For more information please telephone Rachel Allenby at The Allenby Kennels. 512-515-5567.

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