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About 18 months ago, Rachel Allenby presented me with a white-bodied, liver-headed bundle of energy. We dubbed her Lizzie.

I immediately noticed her natural abilities. She had a natural quartering pattern and she found game with ease.

We hold driven pheasant shoots on my training grounds so Liz got an early start on retrieving game. She was about 6 months old when I took her on a peg. I had not even thrown a dummy for her yet she retrieved 20-30 birds to hand!

Since that day, Liz has been my constant companion in the field. She works from heel while my pointers hunt, then when they point, Liz flushes and retrieves.

She has developed into a wonderful hunter on her own. She is very proficient at finding birds and putting them to flight for the guns.

Lizzie still works the driven shoots and has retrieved hundreds of pheasants and hunted uncounted cripples, on land and from water. She is still not yet 2 years old!

I am enjoying training Liz. She is intelligent and energetic. I would not hesitate to work with another of Rachel's great Springers.

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